Rev. Duffy Rutledge

 Our Director – Rev. Duffy,

embodies unconditional love; she exudes acceptance and compassion for herself and all human life. That makes her a compelling figure in a community of so many talented healers and teachers. Rev. Duffy’s loving energy is revealed in her easy smile, her warm way of connecting with others, and her unmistakable language of the open heart. She’s the senior minister for the Center of Spiritual Awareness (CSA) which is only online at this time. But more than the Center’s minister she has become a matriarch for a dynamic group that includes a high percentage of respected healers.

Forget the notes and carefully planned program Rev. Duffy’s messages comes straight from her heart. As a former member of her center describes her: “She makes a personal connection with every person she meets. She remembers everyone and she is quick to offer a heartfelt embrace to friends and newcomers.  You can tell how connected she is when she speaks. Her message is clear and everyone feels she is talking directly to them. Her honesty and inner strength is a model of integrity for me. She really lives the belief that she is unlimited and she expects that sooner or later, we will all accept this truth for ourselves. What could be more inspiring?”


Like all healers, Rev. Duffy’s spirit of unconditional love has been honed in response to a lifetime of personal challenges. Born in Akron, Ohio, she has never forgotten how tough the early days were. “We were living in a shack with no plumbing when the state took us away,” she said. “My family was eating mostly bread and sugar at the time.” Her new home became a state-sponsored orphanage where she lived from ages five through 18. Although the food was good, she longed for a normal family life. Over the years, Rev. Duffy has come to realize that her early life circumstances blessed her with a unique opportunity. “I grew up without a lot of filters and expectations that often come from parental bonds,” she explained. “This has helped me to develop a stronger sense of self and a deeper appreciation for who I am.” She recalls another blessing from her early years that helped reveal her sense of purpose and direction. “I was five years old when I first heard an inner voice,” she said. “I was sitting next to a little stream praying and crying for food for my siblings. Suddenly, I heard a powerful voice that said I would teach love. The voice scared me and I immediately ran home. It took many years for me to understand that the voice of Spirit was answering my desperate prayer for food. The decision and opportunity to teach love is the greatest form of sustenance that we can experience.

Rev. Duffy has maintained an interest in spiritual matters throughout her life. She has been influenced by great writers and teachers such as Blake, Goethe, Faust, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa. Eventually, she decided to pursue a career as a minister. In 1993, she was ordained after completing the program at the Ernest Holmes College of Religious Science. Her early mentor was Michael Beckwith and she has cultivated relationships with a number of other respected leaders in the community. Rev. Duffy credits her religious science education for giving her many tools to help her understand how to make esoteric ideas work in everyday life. The power of such tools as meditation, affirmation and intentions helps everyone to operate more effectively, according to Rev. Duffy. In 1992, Rev. Duffy spent two years in Russia where she helped to set up five Science of Mind centers. The experience was life-changing. She did not speak Russian and many of the people she spoke with did not understand English. This helped her to simplify her teaching to the most basic level. She learned so much about the power of coming from our heart, which was often the only way to connect with her Russian friends. Rev. Duffy still focuses on sharing simple ideas when she communicates with the language of the heart because it is childlike in its essence. It does not require a lot of explanation or elaboration. It just resonates as truth and you feel the message and it touches that deeper place inside each of us.

In 1996, Rev. Duffy moved to Florida doing freelance speaking at various churches, speaking about unconditional love, tools of life, keys of wisdom, and similar topics. One of her stops was a small church in Sarasota, the Church of Religious Science which eventually became the Center of Spiritual Awareness. Although the Center’s physical location is now closed, there is no separation from her and the people who are around her. They are truly one with each other and all life. Her vision is to continue supporting everyone through CSA’s online activity, occasional special events and through its outreach ministry which connects healers and teachers with people throughout the community.

 Many are inspired by Rev. Duffy’s spiritual depth and integrity, she doesn’t preach, she creates a space of Oneness where Spirit flows freely and powerfully. The purity of her message nourishes everyone in a meaningful way. In this time of so many people feeling a sense of disconnection, with many of them not going to church, the value of going to them and sharing love and compassion in a more personal way is why we are all here.



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