Rev. Kathi Bruscemi

Our Assistant Director – Rev. Kathi

Rev. Kathi always knew there was much more to life than what could be experienced through our physical senses, at the very young age of 5 years old she remembers “flying around her parent’s home” what is now known as astral projecting or out of body experiences and watching her grandmother using ancient techniques of healing through spiritual means seeing people miraculously healed. Needless to say, she was quite impressionable at that age and fascinated, only to learn later at the University of Pittsburgh that a tremendous amount of research was being done in the field of parapsychology which she then became heavily involved in anything and everything associated with the mind-body connection including transcendental meditation, astral projection and mind control.

In 1977, with life changing circumstances, she learned about Divine Intervention which led her on a spiritual path she never knew was possible. She then spent more than twelve years with the Assemblies of God church focusing strictly on the Bible. She says, “They gave me one of the greatest gifts when they said that I could read and understand the Bible for myself with the Holy Spirit as my interpreter. They were right but what they failed to realize was the more “Truth” I learned the less able I was to participate in their interpretation.”

After leaving the Assemblies of God church around 1990, she continued to study the Bible on her own. About three years later, a friend invited her to attend a New Thought church with her. Finally she had come home! For the first time in her life, everything she had learned in the past was beginning to merge into one belief system that made sense. Now, more than twenty-three years later she enjoys a life filled with “Truth” principles as taught by many New Thought organizations and other teachings and loves to share in the spiritual “aha” moments of others.

Rev. Kathi has taught many classes in New Thought in the traditional classroom setting and online. Some of the courses she has taught are Science of Mind 100 and 200 Series, Emerson’s Essays, Quimby Manuscripts, History of New Thought (which she authored) and Unveiling the Truth ( a course on the Parables in the Bible which she authored).

Rev. Kathi is currently the website designer for several different sites and is the author of CSA E-Learning classes online.

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